Applied Research Collaboration (ARC)

NIHR Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) – North West Coast

ARC NW aims to improve outcomes for patients and public through collaboration working by bringing together academic, health and social care providers, members of the public, universities and local authorities. Its vision is to improve the quality, delivery and efficiency of health and care services; reduce inequalities and increase the sustainability of the health and care system both locally and nationally.

Healthy Living is ARC’s Community Research & Engagement Network (COREN), we are underpinned by concerns to promote and facilitate:

  • Collaboration through connection of system partners in health and social care research
  • Strengthening of collective community voice within health and social care research
  • Elevation of the profile of research for health and social care in practice

The aims of the CoREN are:

1) To encourage and facilitate the sharing of information (this may include: resources, contacts, opportunities, learning, and community-level knowledge) in order to increase capacity (of researchers, communities, and organisations) for health and social care research that is responsive to need. 

2) To facilitate collaborative discussions around research priorities and the health and social care system, bringing together VCFSE organisations and others working at the community level, ARC NWC staff, public advisors, member organisations, and other statutory partners.  

3) From collaborative discussions to facilitate the creation or development of networks for specific pieces of health and social care research (including, where appropriate, but not limited to, ARC NWC wide research development networks).